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The Foodworks

 – Helping a friend get their new cafe & deli off to the right start

The final The Foodworks logo on a darker background

The Brief

Decor had been decided, furniture selected, and construction was imminently about the start on the premises to bring the clients vision to light. The last piece of the puzzle was a logo that would complement the chosen aesthetic.

The client had decided on a traditional New England aesthetic, with some rustic touches and flourishes, such as an exposed brick wall and feature lighting.

A selection of logo concepts created during the early stages of the project

The Process

A new business such as this with a pretty fresh slate gave me a lot of creative freedom on this project, but the key to any successful project is always in the research and planning, and this project was no exception.

Research & Planning

The client provided some imagery to better illustrate the decor style that had been chosen, along with a few furniture samples. A Google image search and some competitor research yielded many more examples and really started to get some creative ideas flowing.

Sketches & First Drafts

In the very early stages of a logo design project, quantity wins over quality, and my tool of choice is pencil and paper. Quick sketches and doodles allow me to get a great number of ideas and concepts into the mix as quickly as possible.

It’s then from these sketches that some solid ideas start to form, these ideas then begin to fleshed out into something a little more solid and presentable.

Winners & Losers

My first meeting with the client to present the first round contained 8 concepts, and by the end of the meeting 3 of those concepts were in the bin, leaving 5 concepts for me to invest some more time into.

After implementing the feedback provided by the client, I presented the 5 updated concepts to the client, and it was quickly clear that there was one concept that all stake holders were very happy with; we had a winner. I then took this winning concept and started to experiment a bit more with its form and colours, and eventually ended up with the piece you see below.

The Final Product

The final The Foodworks logo

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