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More About Me

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My name is Matthew Booth and i’m a freelance web designer and developer born and currently living in Southport, England.

I specialise in user experience design and front-end development. I love helping businesses achieve their goals with the use of functional creativity and strategic thinking.

Over the years I’ve applied my craft in team environments at agencies and companies, but now I’m going solo and developing my own business by doing what I love, helping you to grow yours.

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Why Choose Me?

There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to picking a web designer or web developer; here’s why I feel you would not be disappointed in working with me.


I've been a web designer now for almost 15 years. Throughout that time, I've worked on a huge variety of projects, all with their own unique challenges and goals.


I found this career path after I started tinkering with web design in high school. It merged my two favourite things; drawing and computing, and I still love them just as much today.


I am naturally an organised and methodical person, this is reflected in my work too. Everything I do is carefully planned out to avoid any potential issues down the line.


With all that planning and research, it has the added effect of making me more efficient. Once a website gets started, it very quickly comes together as it's all been planned out.


I'm very easy to talk to, and I like to think that even in a technology packed industry such as web design, I can explain things simply and clearly to clients.


I love chasing goals and achievements, no matter if they or mine or my clients. Hitting that milestone number of visitors, or getting a website live before deadline always feels great.